Always guided by high aesthetics and quality, we design and implement kitchen furniture in either Minimal or Classic style. With love we implement every step for the creation of your new kitchen, ascending it to Furniture, and giving it your own unique character.


Interior and exterior doors designed and made with passion and passion for quality. The main feature of Nomidis wooden doors is the desire to implement projects that will decorate your homes, according to the unique philosophy that each one expresses separately.


The handmade furniture by special order of Nomidis, is based on the philosophy of personalization and the special directions that you will give us, so that everything has its own unique identity. Wood and arts such as carving, furniture making, painting are combined to achieve works that will decorate your homes for a lifetime.


Bedroom cabinets that combine beauty, harmony and usability. Having choices in different philosophies such as Classical and Minimalist. We implement each model with respect and passion, with the sole purpose of quality over time.

Wood has been a major player all through the history of world’s architecture

Our fondness to it goes back to over half a century, when we started with our handmade realizations and created our workshop Nomidis

Since then, our products fill luxurious private spaces both in Greece and elsewhere, each piece with its uniqueness as their creation has in each and every case been realized

with special care by expert and gifted cabinetmakers, wood sculptors and painters

We design and carry out to match all personal requirements